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Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy recognizes the value of each child as a person, and each parent as their primary educator. While teaching virtuous conduct and offering a generous curriculum, we prioritize the value of respecting and building the child’s dignity as an individual while offering them an atmosphere which reflects truth, goodness, and beauty. Children have a natural appetite for knowledge, and we are able to offer sustenance to the child’s mind by creating an environment for each student to develop intellectual connections between all subjects.
Our priority is to cultivate a lifelong love of learning and virtuous character. We are able to achieve this by creating a rich learning environment while supplying the student with the foundations of a classical education within a 21st Century setting.
“Truth, beauty, and goodness” are almost buzzwords that immediately bring to mind a “Classical Education.” Simply put, “Beauty” is the atmosphere through which we learn goodness and truth. “Truth” is the pivot upon which we make decisions. “Goodness” is discovered through the character study of people throughout history and within the context of literature.
Through an atmosphere that reflects truth, beauty, and goodness we strive to educate through a living environment that allows each student to contemplate and engage in conversations about big ideas in the universe and the world around them. We believe in exposing children to great and noble ideas through books that are rich in literary content, hands-on scientific observations , rigorous mathematics, and the enjoyment of learning history, art, music and poetry.
Through a generous curriculum and the pursuit of cultural literacy, students will learn to do the work of dealing with ideas and knowledge that will prepare them to participate in great conversations.
“…mind appeals to mind and thought begets thought and that is how we become educated.”- C. Mason